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Should You Do Yoga Before or After Running?

I am very excited writing about this topic actually, because yoga is something I hold close to my heart. It is one of the exercises that are really dear to me. This article is about yoga in general, what it are the types of yoga and if yoga before or after running is allowed.

Before we continue with this article, it is important to understand what yoga is to begin with. If you are a regular runner or exerciser, probably you have come across this term, and maybe you did not know what it was.

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The Best Stretches For Heel Spurs

Stretching is a very essential procedure in exercising. It is good to stretch before and even after exercising. Stretching is necessary in keeping all your muscles elastic, sturdy and fit which is needed to maintain a series of movement in the joints. Stretching after working out helps to reduce muscle exhaustion. Stretches for heel spurs are a good way of easing the pain caused by heel spurs.

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Easing Heel Spur Pain With Natural Exercises

As a regular runner, I often come in contact with a number of injuries. My most recent injury was severe heel pain due to injury or strain of the tissue that connects my heel bone to my toes. This condition, called plantar fasciitis is associated with heel spur most of the times. So what is heel spur and what are the best, most helpful heel spur exercises?

A heel spur is a piercing bony outgrowth of the bone of the heel, caused by a calcium deposit. Some of the common symptoms associated with heel spur are; there is a sharp pain on you heel that is so severe, especially in the mornings when you get on your feet for the first time. This is because the bone that is protruding is piercing into your fatty tissues hence the severe pain.

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The Best Of Foot Drop Exercises

Before we begin on the foot drop exercises, it is important to understand what foot drop is to begin with. If you are a regular runner, probably you have come across this complication, and maybe you did not know what it was.

Foot drop, in simple terms is the term that refers to the failing of the muscles that consent to flexing of the ankle and the toes, or basically failing of the lower leg muscle. It makes it really hard to lift the front part of your foot and can lead you to dragging your foot on the ground when you are walking.

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