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Achilles Tendonitis

Everything You Need To Know

Achilles Tendonitis is the injury incurred on Achilles tendon. This tendon connects the calf muscles to the heel bone. Any form of injury on the Achilles tendon causes Achilles Tendonitis. Most of the injuries are due to the overuse of the Achilles tendon. The injury is quite painful and uncomfortable, that is why you need the best running shoes for Achilles Tendonitis.

This tendon is the one used in doing normal physical activities like walking, running, ...

As already mentioned, swelling, irritation, and pain in this area are the main symptoms of Achilles tendonitis. The pain related to the Achilles tendonitis usually occurs in the morning. When a person with this condition gets up in the morning and stands on the affected foot, he or she feels a sharp pain and stiffness along the Achilles tendon or the back of the heel.

The pain tends to get worse when people are active. If a person exercises, the pain is usually the worst the day after their training session. ...


The following steps describe a standard-practice sports massage which is encountered by most folks recovering from tendonitis. It is simple to perform and effective in its desired outcome.

However, I have to give you a word of caution; before attempting the massage on yourself, consult a professional, and they will tell you if is safe for you to do. If the therapist happens to find some contraindications, this means that massaging the tendon could be potentially dangerous.

You’ve probably heard about Achilles tendon more than once. Named after the Greek mythological hero, it is one of the strongest and longest tendon in a human body. This tissue connects the calf muscles to the heel bone and is crucial for walking, running or jumping.

When the calf muscles contract, this tendon lifts the heel and together they produce an action that allows us to stand on our toes, which is necessary for walking, running or jumping.

The most successful exercises for treating Achilles tendinitis are eccentric strengthening exercises that involve strengthening the tendon as it lengthens. Studies have shown that this kind of exercises is the most effective method for treating long-term chronic Achilles tendon pain. The treatment is tough, and the patients are very likely to suffer discomfort before they see some improvement.

Why eccentric exercises? Well, these exercises involve the patient dropping the heel to ...

People usually associate the pain in the back of the heel with an overuse and think it is an Achilles tendon inflammation. Even though the Achilles tendonitis is primarily an overuse injury, there are other factors that contribute to its development.

One of those factors is retrocalcaneal exostosis which, if not timely and properly treated, can cause chronic pain and problems that can only be solved with a surgical procedure.

Achilles tendon lengthening is a surgical procedure which goal is to stretch the Achilles tendon to relieve a person of chronic pain or to allow it to walk flat-footed, without a bend in the knee. This surgical procedure makes small cuts on the tendons at the back of the angle, which elongates a contracted Achilles tendon- it lengthens as the wounds heal.

Two most used methods are:

Once your doctor suspects that you suffer from the Achilles tendonitis, he or she will most probably order additional diagnostic procedures such as an X-ray or Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). In this way, you too will be 100% certain if your condition is really related to the Achilles tendon.

X-ray shows images of the bones, and if the Achilles tendon has hardened or ...

Best Shoes And Supplements

Best running shoes for Achilles Tendonitis. There are four brands of shoes that are the best for Achilles Tendonitis. I did my research and came up with the best of the four brands. The brands are Nike, Asics, Mizuno and Adidas.

As a person with vast experience regarding foot injuries and diseases, I can say with great confidence that Achilles Tendonitis is a common issue that bothers people of all ages no matter how active they are. Since the problem is so wide-spread, it deserves our attention and thorough research.

Buying insoles will allow you to keep wearing your favorite shoes while recuperating from the painful Achilles tendonitis. They also cost less than shoes, especially when you consider that you will probably need a pair of shoes for every occasion. The insoles can be transferred into another pair as often as you like, so buying one pair will be quite enough.

Some orthotic insoles have adaptive arch technology which gives them the ability to form the shape of your foot. This makes them excellent for various types of feet; they can be used by people with high arches and low ones as well. Some of them are made even for metatarsalgia with various types of arches.

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