8 Best Insoles for Metatarsalgia with Each Arch Types And Foot Types of Runners

Being a long time runner comes with different challenges and experiences. I have had a fair share of running injuries, and I learnt the best way to prevent such injuries is by getting the right shoes, and right insoles. In this article, I have reviewed the best insoles for metatarsalgia with each arch types and types of runners.

Insoles are usually put in the shoes to cradle the heel and arch so that they are secure during running, avoiding any injuries that may be associated with running. Insoles also prevent overpronation during running which is one of the common causes of foot injuries like metatarsalgia.


*Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

What is metatarsalgia?

The ball part of the foot is known as the metatarsal. Injury of the metatarsal bones which join the toes to the foot is known as metatarsalgia. Metatarsalgia is basically a general term that is used to address a very agonizing foot situation in the metatarsal area of the foot. This pain usually occurs at the metatarsal heads or just close to the big toe.Let us look at some of the causes of metatarsalgia.

What are the symptoms of metatarsalgia ?

Metatarsalgia is characterized by pain in the ball of foot. This pain just intensifies during running that is why this article is important in identifying necessary precautions to take if you have this condition liking getting the best insoles for metatarsalgia.

There is inflammation in the affected region. There is no need to be alarmed about metatarsalgia. Despite the complexity of the name, it is quite common.Needless to say, the ball of the foot is the part where greatest pressure is applied while running, hence if there is pain and swelling on that part of the foot, it makes running very uncomfortable and painful. No one wants that.

How to prevent metatarsalgia

Exercises, stretches and yoga. There are a number of exercises which are quite good. Exercises come in handy in easing out the pain due to metatarsalgia. These are a preventive measure as well as a treatment option.

Yoga and stretches can be done before running to prepare your feet, warm up the muscles and basically just get your body into running mode before you start full on running. They can also be done after running to calm down your feet gently and remove all the tension and strain, preventing any form of overuse injury like metatarsalgia among others

Wear the correct shoes. It has been proved wearing inappropriate shoes during running and working out can actually result into this form of injury. Shoes that are too tight fitting and have no breathing space can also lead to metatarsalgia due to injury of your metatarsals. If you're running regularly, look for shoes that support your feet. For example, best running shoes for ball of foot pain, best running shoes for forefoot pain, best running shoes for metatarsalgia, shoes with metatarsal pads ...

Use of insoles. Many people think that the shoe is designed to offer maximum protection when this is not the case. The feet can be exposed to plenty of pressure and shock that is why you need the best insoles for metatarsalgia to act as shock absorbers for that region of your feet. Insoles are available for different arch types and different runners.

Most times you do not need to see a doctor if you are suffering from metatarsalgia. There are a number of simple procedures which you can follow to ease the condition.

  • Rest your foot. If you are having this condition, it’s good to take a break from running and exercising and just give your foot some resting time to heal.
  • Ice the affected area. Icing helps with the pain and bringing down the swelling.
  • Use of antiinflammatory and painkillers. These ease the pain and the swelling of the foot, making the pain bearable. These include products like ibuprofen, paracetamol among others.

Factors to consider when choosing the best insoles for metatarsalgia.

  • The insoles should have cushioning at the forefoot to support metatarsalgia.Your insoles should have cushioned arch support. They provide protection at the same time they allow the forefoot to have maximum cushioning. 
  • Compatibility with the arch type. There are a number of arch types. We have the neutral arches, which are most common, the low arches, high arches and the flat feet arches which are sometimes called fallen arches.

Insoles are usually designed to cover these arch types. You should identify your arch type first then proceed to get an insole. Wearing the wrong insoles might cause pain and injuries.

  • Type of foot or ankle. There are runners who have normal/ neutral feet. There are insoles specifically designed for these types of feet. These are the perfect balance between support and cushioning. They cover a broad range of neutral/ normal feet. Depending on the foot shape, select the appropriate insoles, such as arch support for high arches, arch support for flats, ball of foot support ...
  • The type of pronator the runner is. We have under-pronators and over-pronators. Pronation is the natural roll of the foot when movement occurs. A semi rigid or rigid insole can help with over-pronation. This prevents the foot from rolling too far inwards.

Theinsoles for under-pronation correct the way your feet move. They provide even support along the edges of the foot to bring out a balanced stand of your feet. This makes it easier to walk and distributes the pressure evenly on your feet.

8 Best Insoles For Metatarsalgia for different Arch Types and Foot Types

Amazon has so many products that support the feet and prevent different feet problems. For this article, I will be reviewing 8 products from Amazon that are of the highest and most popular in fighting off feet problem like metatarsalgia.

Let us look at the 8 best insoles for metatarsalgia, and classify them according to the arch and foot types to make it easier for the regular shopper. These products are for men and women and prevent arch diseases. They are available in all ranges of size, shape and color. They are very affordable and dedicated to exercises, running and jogging.

4 Best Insoles For Metatarsalgia For Normal Arch and Neutral Foot - Insole for ball of foot pain

*Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

                      Via Amazon.com

These shoe inserts are very affordable, they are shoe inserts for ball of foot pain, having a price range of $1X-$XX. This insole is ideal for performance improvement and comfort of the foot. It has an impartial arch make suitable for the neutral foot, fitting most feet types. The insoles are quite light weight providing the perfect comfort

                      Via Amazon.com

These inserts are best for the normal arch and neutral foot type. The price range is $1X-$2X on Amazon, which is quite pocket friendly.

Their expected fit is quite good and they have a technology in the heel and arch that provides great cushioning. The gel present enhances shock absorption and they have a cooling mechanism that allows sweat from feet to evaporate very fast.

                      Via Amazon.com

These inserts are very affordable costing about $1X only. They have proved to have excellent cushioning for the neutral arch and foot type. They significantly improve the runner’s performance and reduce friction which helps to prevent blister formation.

                      Via Amazon.com

These insoles cost about $4X. They have full –length double layered orthotics and a great heel to provide good cushioning for this arch and foot type. They are available in a range of colors for both men and women. They are orthotics for ball of foot pain.

2 Best Insoles For Metatarsalgia with High Arch - Extra high arch Insoles

                      Via Amazon.com

These insoles are available for both men and women. These inserts are perfect for all day to day activities and not only running. They cost about $3X.

They reduce friction and pressure relief with a metatarsal pad that protects your foot and distributes pressure accordingly for those with high arch types. This is why they are the best insoles for metatarsalgia. They are also shoe inserts for capsulitis.

                      Via Amazon.com

These are the best insoles for metatarsalgiaespecially for those with high arch types because of their rigidity, offering motion control and stability for the high arches. They are the best inserts for ball of foot pain and inserts for metatarsalgia.

The hardness is placed strategically in different areas of the feet that need support. This reduces over-pronation and increases performance of the shoes. They cost about $2X, which is quite affordable. It's the insole for high arch

2 Best Insoles For Metatarsalgia For Flat Feet Arch and Pronator / Over – Pronate - Best insoles for Flats

1. Powerstep Pinnacle Shoe Insole Orthotics - Best running insoles for metatarsalgia

                      Via Amazon.com

These inserts are priced at $2X-$4X. They are firm but flexible, offering ample support for flat arched feet. They offer foot control and cushioning due to their plush cushioning. These insoles prevent metatarsalgia among other foot injuries. They are the best orthotics for metatarsalgia.

2. Powerstep Pinnacle Maxx Full Length Orthotic Shoe Insoles - Best orthotic insoles for metatarsalgia

                      Via Amazon.com

These inserts are available for both men and women, with a price range that is affordable. Foot stability is increased in this insole for the over pronators. They have a firm arch support for the flat arch type and dual support that targets the mid foot and hind foot. They are metatarsal arch support insoles.

In conclusion - Metatarsalgia insoles

Insoles are important in preventing over-pronation and under-pronation which are one of the major causes of metatarsalgia. In finding the best insoles for metatarsalgia, you need to know your feet type and arch type to get what is most suitable for you.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope these products help you in fighting off any form of feet injuries. leave any comments, suggestions or thoughts in the comment section. Your feedback will be appreciated.

If the pads are not really suitable for your feet, you can use extra pads, depending on the needs that you choose pads to suit your situation. You can find some good suggestions: ball of foot padding, best metatarsal pads for metatarsalgia, best metatarsal pads for running, gel pads for ball, foot pads for ball pain, shoe pads for ball, best metatarsal inserts, best shoe inserts for metatarsalgia ...

This article is not for people who wear dress shoes. However, if you often go to dress shoes, you should find best insoles for dress shoes. Best insoles for men's dress shoes.

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