The Best Way To Conquer Running With Metatarsalgia

What is Metatarsalgia?

This article covers a brief content about metatarsalgia, its symptoms, how to treat it and the best running shoes for metatarsalgia.

The ball part of the foot is known as the metatarsal. Metatarsalgia is basically a general term that is used to address a very agonizing foot situation in the metatarsal area of the foot. This pain usually occurs at the metatarsal heads or just close to the big toe.

This pain just intensifies during running that is why this article is important in identifying necessary precautions to take if you have this condition. There is no need to be alarmed about metatarsalgia. Despite the complexity of the name, it is quite common.


Needless to say, the ball of the foot is the part where greatest pressure is applied while running, hence if there is pain on that part of the foot, it makes running very uncomfortable and painful. No one wants that. Let us look at some of the causes of metatarsalgia.

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How Do I Get Metatarsalgia?

1. Improper fitting shoes

Foot wear that has a narrow toe box squeezes the ball of foot into a small space. This leads to high cases of relentless discomfort of the foot. Due to the restriction and pressure on the ball of the foot, pain is likely to be experienced on that part.

2. Improper foot wear

This refers to shoes which are too high or just not appropriate for certain activities. For instance, struggling to walk around all day in really high shoes.

3. Participating in heavy footwork

This involves participating in high impact activities that cause a lot of strain on the foot.

4. Aging

With getting older, the fat layer in our foot tends to wear out, making us much more predisposed to tenderness in the ball of the foot.

5. Intense training and activities

Working out is always a good thing, but when you do very intense workout or running which your body is not used to, it may lead to metatarsalgia, especially if you don’t have the best running shoes for metatarsalgia.

6. Certain foot shapes

People whose feet are highly arched results to high pressure being put on the metatarsals, affecting that part and possibly causing pain.

7. Too much weight

Having excess weight transfers your body weight to your forefoot when you are running. The more weight you have the more pressure is exerted on your metatarsals.

Symptoms Of Metatarsalgia

You might experience severe aching and a blazing pain in the ball of your foot. Sometimes it is accompanied by tingling of the toes or feeling of having a nugget in your shoe. It is a piercing uncomfortable pain.

4 Treatments Of Metatarsalgia

Most times you do not need to see a doctor if you are suffering from metatarsalgia. There are a number of simple procedures which you can follow to ease the condition.

Rest your foot If you are having this condition, it’s good to take a break from running and exercising and just give your foot some resting time to heal.

​Ice the affected area Icing helps with the pain and bringing down the swelling.

​Use of anti inflammatory and painkillers These ease the pain and the swelling of the foot, making the pain bearable. These include products like ibuprofen, paracetamol among others.

​Find the best running shoes for metatarsalgia Below are some of the running shoes I was able to look at, and their advantages and how they might help to prevent me

​3 Factors That Affect The Choice Of Running Shoes

​1. You should buy the right shoe for your foot

Make sure you try a shoe on first before purchasing it to make sure it fits perfectly and you are comfortable in it when walking.

2. Make sure the shoe you choose has wonderful superior cushioning

This type of cushioning supports your weight and acts as a shock absorber.

3. Do the insoles make you feel good ?

The insoles should be comfortable and smooth. The bottom of your feet should not feel sore or ache from your running shoes. Your foot should not move around too much but the space should be enough to move your toes.

5 Best Running Shoes For Metatarsalgia

** Below, you'll find more detailed reviews, but you can click links above to see current prices and read customer's review on Amazon

1. Hoka One One Infinite

Hoka one one infinite are really good shoes especially for preventing metatarsalgia. They have a good insole that takes moisture away from the feet and extends comfort. It has extra cushioning due to their midsole feature foam that is 30% softer than all other running shoes.

This shoe is 2.5 times more voluminous. This extra cushioning acts as a shock absorber from heel striking. This is great in minimizing the effect of shock felt from striking the ground. The Hoka one one infinity have a sticky rubber sole that grips the wet and dry surfaces with ease. They have enhanced flexibility and nimble movement.

Their major design is to provide extra cushioning which is really good for this purpose. They feel very soft when walking around. The upper region is made with soft material and seamless construction. The shoe can be used for a long time, and the midsole do not break easily.


  • They have really good cushioning
  • They are very durable
  • They are stable shoes


  • They are a bit expensive compared to other shoes
  • They have a very tight fit, as said by some runners



2. Hoka One One Bondi 4/ 5 Neutral Running Shoes

These shoes have great cushioning that reduces the impact of striking your foot on the ground. This reduces the pressure on the metatarsals hence preventing any resulting pain that may occur.


  • They have a rubber sole that is great during running, providing enough friction and carrying the weight of any person
  • It is a neutral running shoe that is versatile enough for both on and off road use
  • The midsole are oversized to provide more cushioning there
  • The toe area is spacious enough with a lyre comfort upper frame
  • The inserts are very comfortable and feel soft on the foot


  • A bit pricey
  • Slightly less breathable
  • The insole wears off after several runs



3. Newton Distance IV / V Running Shoes

This shoe has great cushioning at the rare foot and forefoot for strike specific shock attenuation to create smoother transitions. It has a midsole technology with enhanced comfort and a spring loaded ride when running long distances.

It should be used on the road. This is a good shoe for daily runs and provides neutral arch support. The shoe is extremely comfortable for overweight people. The cushioning really softens the impact of running.

When running, the impact of running is three times your weight hence it is important to have shoes which cushion the impact. These are really good for that purpose.


  • It has enough breathing space to move the toes
  • Runners with foot pain have said this shoe eliminates their discomfort
  • It is well cushioned


  • It is not very durable
  • The heel and the forefoot are narrow
  • The sole requires time to break ins



4. Saucony Hurricane 15 / 16 Running Shoes

They have good rugged comfortable shoes for trailing. Their shoes are present in different varieties depending on where you want to jog. These shoes are really simple and comfortable, providing a wholesome experience.


  • The shoe is roomy enough to accommodate toe space
  • The durability is quite good


  • The shoe is a bit expensive



5. Newton gravity III Running Shoes

These shoes are great for balance. This is ideal for first time runners, and long distance runners.

The shoes are highly cushioned stability trainers with comfortably snug upper and low drop height. It is amazingly comfortable. They can be used as multipurpose running shoes for different surfaces, making it ideal for metatarsalgia prevention.

The shoes are solid and very dependable. They provide a steady and smooth ride. These are all round running shoes, covering speed, comfort and safety.


  • It offers the perfect fit
  • A wide range of foot sizes is accommodated by this brand
  • They provide a smooth run 


  • They are a bit expensive
  • Some runners experience lack of arch support




All these shoes are really great for running but for great comfort and prevention of metatarsalgia, Hoka One One Infinity has the best features to keep you really comfortable during running. In my opinion these are the best running shoes for metatarsalgia though there are many more great shoes which have not been reviewed in this document.

​If you avoid the causes listed above and use great shoes, you should not experience metatarsalgia, but if you have experienced it, do not panic because now you know what to do.

Feel free to add any comments and give more information on what you have in the comments box. Your input will be highly appreciated. Hope you enjoyed the article and got some relevant information on metatarsalgia. Thank you for reading.

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