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Are You Running on a Treadmill Every Day? Get the Best Shoes for Treadmill Workouts!

Are You Running on a Treadmill Every Day? Get the Best Shoes for Treadmill Workouts!

I have already stated my opinion that I prefer running outside in the fresh air to running in the gym or at my home. However, I do own and frequently use the treadmill as it allows me to train even when weather conditions or lack of time prevent me.

Some people complain that running on a treadmill is quite boring and makes them feel like hamsters aimlessly running on their wheels. But, believe me, running, and even walking on a treadmill, can be very beneficial for you and your body.

The Best Running Shoes For Overweight – Best Guideline

The Best Running Shoes For Overweight

Why do overweight people have a hard time finding running shoes?

Finding the best running shoes for overweight people tends to be difficult. We all want running shoes which can hold our weight, make us feel comfortable and last long. Most of the times, the shoes are not a perfect fit, they either come in a size too small or much bigger than anticipated.

Being a big person is tough, especially when purchasing clothing and shoes. Finding the right size is the first problem, and even if you find the right size, it can barely hold your weight long enough as most products are not designed for such forces.

How To Clean Running Shoes Easily And Effectively

How To Clean Running Shoes Easily And Effectively

The importance of cleaning your shoes

If you have running shoes you know how hard it can get when it comes to cleaning them.  For every runner, running shoes are the most important tool.  For me to get my head in the game I always need to have comfy and most importantly, clean shoes.

Over a period of time, I have tried to find the best ways on how to clean running shoes without ruining them. So how do you clean running shoes? How do you make sure they are not stained or faded? How do you get them to dry well and nonstinky?


A Guide to Finding the Best Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

We rarely give our legs enough credit for carrying the entire weight of our bodies and helping us move from one place to another. While they complete their duties quite remarkably more often than not, sometimes they can get injured, damaged or harm in another way.

Plantar Fasciitis is one of the conditions that can develop due to various causes, especially being on your feet for several hours a day, or being overweight. It manifests as sharp pain in Plantar Fascia (thick band of the tissue supporting the feet's arch) of the feet, which becomes worse when walking or running.

Best Shoes For Morton’s Neuroma: Stay Comfortable While You’re Out And About

I recently wrote about the best running shoes for Morton's neuroma, but you won't spend every minute of every day running, will you?

That's why I've decided to review some of the best shoes for Morton's neuroma you can wear while you're out and about, working, or doing your chores. To recover as soon as possible, you need to find comfortable footwear not just for your exercise, but for your daily routine, as well.

Let's see what the market has to offer!

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