Easing Heel Spur Pain With Natural Exercises

As a regular runner, I often come in contact with a number of injuries. My most recent injury was severe heel pain due to injury or strain of the tissue that connects my heel bone to my toes. This condition, called plantar fasciitis is associated with heel spur most of the times. So what is heel spur and what are the best, most helpful heel spur exercises?

A heel spur is a piercing bony outgrowth of the bone of the heel, caused by a calcium deposit. Some of the common symptoms associated with heel spur are; there is a sharp pain on you heel that is so severe, especially in the mornings when you get on your feet for the first time. This is because the bone that is protruding is piercing into your fatty tissues hence the severe pain.


What are some of the common causes of heel spur? It has been proved wearing inappropriate shoes during running and working out can actually result into this form of injury. Shoes that are too tight fitting and have no breathing space can also lead to heel spur.

Heel spur can also be caused by being overweight under certain circumstances. Work situations that require long hours of standing and dealing with heavy loads can also lead to heel spur. During exercises, some people apply too much pressure in certain areas of the feet, leading to heel spur.

I experienced a number of these symptoms recently so I decided to do a little bit of research on what heel spur was, the possible causes, and how to deal with heel spur. I wanted to have an overview of what I was dealing with, and if I needed to see a doctor or not. Turns out, there are a number of heel spur exercises that are quite helpful. When I was in so much pain, the exercises below helped me a great deal.

The pain experienced from heel spur can only be described by one word, excruciating. As I had mentioned earlier, heel spur is often associated with the inflammation of the plantar fascia. These heel spur exercises can help you overcome this agonizing pain.

When performing heel spur exercises, you have to ensure safety and protection of the injured foot to avoid any further injuries.

Stretch your soles

Extend the injured leg while sitting, loop a towel around the toes and pill back with the towel gradually. You can also stretch your sole by crossing the injured leg over the fine one and grasping the toes using your hand while pulling into a stretch. Repeat this exercise about 10 times.

If the stretches are too painful, apply some ice on the affected hell to reduce the inflammation. This eases the pain significantly. Stretches are not only great heel spur exercises but also for plantar fasciitis, ball of foot pain and shin splints.

The towel pickup exercise

This exercise is very helpful in reducing pain caused by heel spur. It is quite simple actually. Start by placing a towel on the floor, the try to lift up of move the towel with your toes. This exercise helps in pulling tension from the back foot where the heel is located. It is a great distraction from heel spur pain.

The towel pick up exercise is also a good form of exercise for Achilles tendonitis and Peroneal tendonitis. It is a good way to keep your feet flexible.

Shin tracing

This exercise is done when one is seated. Make sure the surface you are sitting on is hard enough and has good back rest. Lift one leg up and down with the flat surface of the foot flat against the other leg.

This exercise also relives pain in case of shin splints and metatarsalgia. It relaxes your leg and heel muscles that are around the heel spur. These muscles are often injured and pierced so relaxing them eases a significant amount of pain.


knee tendonitis exercises

You can lean forward on a countertop, spread your feet apart with one foot in front of the other then flex your knees as you squat down while keeping your heels on the ground as long as possible. You can hold for about 10 seconds and repeat the exercise about 20 times if you can.

Rolling of the ball

This is sampling rolling of a small ball using the sole of your feet. Try making any form of rolling movements with your foot on a small ball. This form of exercise is like a massage that will relax the sole of your foot. It is a relaxing heel spur exercise. This is a good exercise for relieving pain in the ball of foot.

It also keeps structures such as Achilles tendons flexible and strengthens the plantar fascia.

In conclusion

Heel spur exercises are an amazing way of reducing the excruciating pain experienced on the heel during this injury. They are a way of relaxing the muscles and the surrounding tissues of the heel. I hope this article has been helpful incase you were having trouble with heel spur.

If the pain is too much to bear and the exercises are not working, consult a physician to have a look at your heel. Questions and comments will be appreciated. Feel free to add any helpful contributions on heel spur exercises. Thank you.

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