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Why Does My Knee Feel Tight? Potential Causes Of Knee Discomfort

The question we’re here to answer today, one that you were probably asking yourself lately (if you weren’t, you wouldn’t be here reading this, would you) is:

Why does my knee feel tight?

Of course, the answer isn’t simple. Numerous underlying causes are to blame for an uncomfortable condition such as this one. Imagine, as someone who likes running, not being able to bend your knee correctly. Torture, right?

Since finding the cause is the first, vital step to getting better, today I’m going to focus on all the whys of knee tightness ... See Full Here

Knowing how to deal with the sprained knee and taking action necessary will significantly speed up the recovery, reduce the pain, and get you back on the track. When you treat a sprained knee the right way, you will also reduce the chance of that injury from happening again.

Physical therapy for sprained knee includes the initial treatment and the exercises for rehab. If you take all the steps and be careful in your treatment, you will be back on your feet in no time. Almost all cases can be fully treated by physical therapy with no surgical treatment involved ... See Full Here

Running is not an easy sport, it requires both physical and mental strength as well as strong motivation and persistence. Believe me; I know as running is my passion. It is even harder to dedicate yourself to this sport once the injuries start to kick in, I have felt that on my skin too.

I can thus imagine how painful it can be to run with knee arthritis and how big a desire one must have to overcome this condition and keep going. I have tried to gather all the information on this condition and learn how one can treat it and overcome it. So, is running with knee arthritis mission impossible? Read on and find out!

... See Full Here

Treatment And Exercises

Knee Stability Exercises – Everything You Should Know

There is probably not a single person who hasn’t experienced a knee pain. If the pain and injury is not severe, simple home treatments like RICE therapy along with pain killers will resolve this pain and get you back on your feet.

However, simple home treatments do not affect the underlying factors that led to knee pain and injuries. They just relief the symptoms and accelerate the healing process. Over time, if contributing factors aren’t corrected, the repair of frequent damage caused by activities may become impossible, leading to more serious conditions that are hard to treat ... See Full Here

Post Knee Replacement Exercises You Can Do At Home

What Is Safe For You to Do in Order to Help Yourself Get Better Post Knee Replacement Surgery

If you had a knee replacement surgery, you surely know how serious a procedure it is and how dedicated you have to be post-surgery in order to get back on your feet as soon as possible. Rehabilitation is a must, but you also have to dedicate yourself to a home exercise program suitable for post knee ... See Full Here

Knee Tendonitis Exercises – Everything You Should Know

You’ve probably experienced a knee problem at least once in your life. Although most knee problems are connected with physical activity, it doesn’t mean that they can’t happen to regular people during everyday activities.

Knees are one of the most stressed areas on our body. During any type of weight bearing, there is a certain amount of stress put on knees and their structures. Some physical activities, along with contributing factors, will lead to acute injuries, while others will result in chronic condition that develops over time  ... See Full Here

5 Simple Knee Band Exercises for Relieving Knee Pain

The majority of people will face knee pain at some point in their lives. The causes of this are many including arthritistendonitis, jumper's knee, torn meniscus, or just plain wear and tear injuries. Whichever the case, knee band exercises can do a great deal in resolving, treating, and even preventing this sort of pain, and there is no reason for you not to try out some of these movements as soon as today. The rubber bands are cheap, and the exercises are simple yet undoubtedly effective, so without further ... See Full Here

Best Shoes And Supplementfor Bad Knees 

Best Running Shoes for Knee Pain – Top Picks with Reviews

Knee pain is a very common issue amongst physically active people, should be eliminated as much as possible, in order to maintain the training routine, or to speed up the recovery. The shoes have a very big impact on the joints while walking, running and exercising.

So the first step to faster recovery and prevention of the problem is getting the best running shoes for knee pain you can possibly find. Not all running shoes can meet the criteria, so I will list a couple of things that you should look out for.

They can even make the a lot easier to perform and speed up the recovery ...  See Full Here
Finding The Best Walking Shoes for Bad Knees - A Step-By-Step Guide

There is probably not a single person who hasn’t experienced knee pain. Various conditions can cause knee pain, ranging from mild injuries to severe medical conditions that require professional medical attention. Although there are lots of causes and contributing factors of knee pain, initial therapy is always the same – simple home methods like rest, ice, compression and elevation.

After the pain is gone, you should start identifying factors that contribute to knee pain and correct them. Getting a proper fitting shoes is one of the first things that everybody with bad knees should do ... See Full Here

In Search Of The Best Hinged Knee Brace: 2018 Buying Guide

Running with knee arthritis doesn’t have to be an impossible task – all you need to get is proper equipment for the job. The goal here is to give your knee the stability and support it needs, without limiting its range of movements.

How does one do that?

With a little help from the best hinged knee brace, of course.

Stick around to learn more!  ...  See Full Here


Picking The Best Knee Sleeve For Running: The Ultimate Buying Guide 

Running with knee ar​​​​thritis is a pretty uncomfortable ordeal – unless you buy the best knee sleeve for running, and get the support you need, that is. That’s why today I’m focusing on helping you find the right knee sleeve, starting with the most important features and factors to consider when you’re trying to decide which one to get.

Read through this section carefully, and use these tips for finding the best knee sleeve for running later on, when we dive into the actual reviews. I’m sure you’ll find the perfect fit somewhere on my list ... See Full Here


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