The Optimum Plantar Fibroma Surgery Recovery Time

In this article we are going to look at a number of things about plantar fibroma. First of all, what is Plantar Fibroma? How does one get a Plantar Fibroma? How is it treated, and most important, what is Plantar Fibroma surgery recovery time? All this questions will be answered in this article.


What is plantar fibroma?

Plantar fibroma is a knot found within the plantar fascia, which is a tissue that extends from the heel to the toes on the bottom of the foot. A plantar fibroma basically is an unwanted growth in the plantar fascia, so it is not supposed to be there. It usually grows bigger with time if not taken care of early enough.

How can you identify if you have Plantar Fibroma? Typically, you can’t see the growth at the bottom of your feet but you can feel the pain. They cause a lot of discomfort at the bottom of your feet, and when they grow, they may appear as small lumps.

With time as you wear shoes and continue exercising, you might e3xperience pain and discomfort because of the pressure and friction from wearing shoes. With lack of treatment, the plantar fibroma becomes larger, causing more discomfort.

This is an inconvenience and an annoying condition to anyone who is serious with exercising or running. The discomfort on your foot makes it hard for you to run or do any form of exercise that requires footwork. As we know most exercises, even stretches require that you be on your feet.

What causes a plantar fibroma to develop on your foot?

There is no exact known cause of plantar fibroma growth though it is believed there is a relationship between foot injuries, to be specific plantar fascia injury with plantar fibroma. An injury at the plantar fascia may cause tears in the plantar fascia promoting the growth of the small lumps at the bottom of your foot.

There are some specialists who believe the condition is hereditary. If some of your family members have experienced this condition, you should pay attention to the symptoms listed above. Some of the risk factors for plantar fibroma include smoking, alcoholism, and chronic stress on the feet.

There are also some beliefs that certain types of medication may react with your body in a certain way causing plantar fibroma, though it has not been proven. Because there is no clear way on what causes plantar fibroma, there is no clear way on how to prevent it.

If you have the symptoms I have stated above or you suspect from your own research that you have plantar fibroma, kindly visit a doctor. This is not a self healing condition or something you can take care of on your own at home. Only a doctor can accurately diagnose and treat your condition.

The treatment option for plantar fibroma more often than not depending on the intensity is surgery. For conditions which are not extreme, physical therapy and a number of drugs can be used to ease the condition.

Plantar fibroma surgery recovery time

When the case is severe, the doctors usually recommend surgery to remove the fibroma. This is usually recommended as the last resort when the nodules have grown considerably and the pain is just too much.

The surgery aims at removing all the nodules, since if any of them remain they might just grow again beating the whole purpose of the surgery. Because of this reason, the surgery is usually an intense process and requires enough time for recovery.

Once the nodes have been removed, the bottom of the foot is stitched closed. The wound is bandaged and the patient must not apply any weight on the foot, to prevent busting of the stitches for a minimum of 3 weeks.

After about 3 weeks of surgery, the stitches are removed. Once the stitches are removed, the patient may begin very gentle movements according to the doctor’s instructions. The patient may begin gentle stretching exercises and using really soft soled shoes.

If you undergo surgery due to metatarsalgia which is pain or swelling in the ball of foot, or undergo surgery due to ball of foot pain or plantar fasciitis, it takes almost the same amount of time for the foot to heal due to the similarities in the surgery.

Most of the time, walking is recommended after a month of surgery. However, you should consult your doctor first before you start walking. The other normal physical activities like exercises and sports may resume three months after the surgery.

During exercising, you might find it difficult for the first few days. You might experience some tenderness around the area but with time it will fade away. Make sure you visit your doctor regularly till you are cleared. This is to avoid complications like infection and swelling which will set back your healing process.

If you walk or exercise on your foot before proper healing, you might experience scarring at the bottom of your foot caused by damaged incision before proper healing. This is why you need to be extremely patient and wait for those 3 months before embarking on anything heavy.

In conclusion

As a person who likes exercising and running, there is nothing worse than discovering a growth at the bottom of your foot. This makes everything really uncomfortable for you. When you recognize the symptoms, it is better if you visit a doctor to have a look at your foot, to start treatment as fast as possible. Even though there is no preventive measure for this illness, plantar fibroma can be treated. Treatment can be in form of physical therapy for mild cases to surgery in severe cases.

The surgical incisions are very capable of healing within a period of 3 months. The key is being patient with your injury to avoid any further complications. Within no time, you will be back on your feet doing normal activities.

I hope this article was helpful in dealing with plantar fibroma. Be on the lookout for any of the symptoms listed above and seek professional help. If you have any comments or questions kindly leave a comment on the comment section. Feel free to add any information that might be helpful to those who have undergone this surgery.

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