How To Conquer Running With Bronchitis

What is bronchitis?

Bronchitis is a disease which affects your respiratory system. The respiratory system needs to be good during running to make your running bearable. Breathing while running is already hard enough, now imagine when you have a respiratory problem. This article explains how you can run with bronchitis.


Running With Bronchitis

The respiratory system is responsible for transporting oxygen to the muscles and tissues. During running, the respiratory system increases to meet the demands of the working muscles. This is why we need the respiratory system to be clear.

According to the medical dictionary, Bronchitis is an inflammation of the air passages between the nose and the lungs, including the trachea, and the air tubes of the lungs.  It is caused by viruses, bacterial infection and exposure to substances which irritate the lung.

Difficulties experienced during running with bronchitis

Running With Bronchitis

For beginners, and even experts, running is not as easy as we may like it to be. For you to run with bronchitis there are some difficulties you will experience in your running. The following are some of the challenges that might be experience...


When you have bronchitis, you experience fatigue easily. Normally when running, you might get tired after a kilometer or so but this condition causes you to get tired so easily, making running a hustle.

Wheezing constantly

Bronchitis causes you to wheeze. With shortness of breath from running, the wheezing might be consistent. This will interrupt your running process.

Running With Bronchitis
Chest discomfort

Because bronchitis blocks your trachea and other air passages, it causes chest discomfort, which becomes even worse while running.

Shortness of breath
Running With Bronchitis

This condition makes running so hard because you can barely breathe if you are constantly experiencing shortness of breath.

These are some of the difficulties encountered while running if you are suffering from bronchitis.  I did plenty of research to come up with this article after experiencing some of these challenges. Because I love running so much, I came up with a list on how you can actually run with bronchitis and combat these difficulties while running.

Tips on running comfortably if you have bronchitis

Keep warm while running
Running With Bronchitis

If you have bronchitis, breathing in warm moist air helps you to loosen the blockage.  You can also perform a pre-running exercise by standing in a hot shower for a few minutes or draping a warm towel over your head to breathe in the steam which loosens the discharge. This makes breathing much more easily. You can check out some products from that keep you warm while running.

Keep your running light 

I am sorry if you are an intense long distance runner, this means you have to tone down a little.  Generally, doing regular light running when you have bronchitis might even be good for your health. Breathing deeply is good for the lungs and this can’t be achieved through sitting and sleeping. You need to exercise lightly. 

Running With Bronchitis
Take regular breaks 

Make sure you take regular short breaks while running and watch out for symptoms like trouble breathing, wheezing and chest pains. If you experience any of these, take a break till it calms down before you resume running.

Work with your doctor

Together with your doctor,   come up with a safe running schedule for your condition.  Your doctor understands the situation more than you do and so his advice can be very helpful.

Running With Bronchitis
Adopt breathing techniques while running

Some breathing techniques such as pursed lip breathing help in taking long breaths while exercising. This allows you to take in more oxygen, dealing with the shortness of breath issue.

To practice this technique, breath in through your nose with your mouth closed then breathes out through pursed lips. Check out here on how to breath easily.

Keep an eye on the weather 

Extreme weather conditions may affect your running if you have bronchitis. Avoid heat waves, high humidity and frigid temperatures. This may make really hard for you to breath.

Finally, listen to your body
Running With Bronchitis

Just like any other advice I would give on exercises, it is not one shoe fits all. Bronchitis has many causes and side effects; it all depends on what you are going through.  If it is very acute, don’t bust a lung. Take it easy. It is better to be safe.

Bronchitis is self usually self treatable and self limited. It runs its course overtime, but if symptoms persist, makes sure you seek medical attention.


There are two types of bronchitis. Acute and chronic/ acute bronchitis lasts up to 3-10 days and is not very serious. Chronic bronchitis is a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Exercise in an important recommended treatment for chronic bronchitis.

Running With Bronchitis

However, do not forget to talk with your doctor before going full out on exercise. Remember to take it slow. I hope this article is helpful to you if you have been working so hard on improving your running but unfortunately you got bronchitis.

Leave your comments and thoughts on how to run with bronchitis, and remember to share this with your friends.

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