Amazing Ways To Deal With Sneezing After Running

Why do we sneeze after running? How does sneezing after running occur? Is it perfectly normal? Should I be alarmed if I have a sneezing fit after running? More often than not, I have found myself asking these questions. The only way I could get to relax was by doing a little research and coming up with the answers.



Sneezing is the forceful pushing /expulsion of air out of the lungs through the nose and mouth, usually caused by foreign particles irritating the nasal system. These foreign particles and irritants are expelled from your body.

There are so many things that happen after and during running which leave us so confused on what has happened and how to put an end to it. Sneezing is a very basic thing which happens to all of us, even toddlers, but when you have a continuous fit of sneezing after running, it gets a bit alarming.


As much as sneezing is a very normal thing, a reflex mechanism of the body, it is not normal to have a sneezing fit for about half an hour. If you sneeze for this long or more than this, there may be external issues causing your sneezing which are worth looking at.

There are many things which can cause you to sneeze after running. Let us look at a number of common ones which affect most people.

Causes of sneezing after running

  • Allergic reactions. Which trail do you follow when running? 20 to 40 million people suffer from allergic conditions. Some people are more susceptible to these allergies during running. You might be suffering from an allergic reaction which causes you to sneeze.

Allergies are caused by exposure to allergens. Some of these allergens are food, insects, plants and hay fever.

  • Change in body chemistry. When we exercise, through running or any other form of exercise, the body chemistry can change in a way. This causes your system to try and maintain itself. Sneezing happens to release the toxins encountered during your running.

This is simply the body getting a bit worked up and releasing toxins and hormones. Sneezing is a form of expelling those toxins.

  • Increased blood flow to the mucus membranes. Exercising through running, especially if it is vigorous may cause increased blood flow to the mucus membrane that is found in the nose and in the mouth.  This may cause you to sneeze continuously for a bit.
  • Infection of your sinuses or irritation of your sinus cavities.  This may be shown by symptoms such as a running nose during sneezing and teary eyes. You might also experience terrible pre sneeze tickling which is quite irritating.
  • Sinuses are connected to toes. According to some medics, people with wide bony feet need to wear more open shoes to allow some toe room and breathing space for the feet. If the toes are restricted, this can somehow affect the sinuses causing sneezing after running.

This has not been entirely proven though it is speculated to be a cause.

  • Temperature change. Walking from one temperature to another may make your nasal membranes to rapidly contact resulting to a sneeze.
  • Running in smoky air. This is air containing smoke, which may irritate your nasal membrane while running causing you to smoke.
  • Cold weather. Cold weather also causes contraction of your nasal membranes, making you sneeze when exposed to it while running.



Make sure you use your allergy medicine before you take a run, wear comfortable shoes and avoid things you are allergic to while running if possible.

Shower and launder your running clothes regularly. This ensures they are fresh and dust free, without any toxins that might irritate your nose.


Use of warmth keeping tools such as warm face towels can be very helpful. You also need to avoid allergens as much as you can in your path.

Now that we know the causes, and have seen how you can prevent this condition, how can we treat this issue if we are caught up in it?

Treatment of sneezing after running.

  • Use of anti-histamines. If you have an allergic reaction, anti-histamines might help in preventing this. They can be bough over the counter if you know your allergy or you might be required to visit the doctor if you are not sure of your allergies.
  • Seek medical treatment.  If you have infected or blocked sinuses, it is better to seek medical attention from an expert to avoid further contamination.
  • Hot tea and lemon. Some people have reported using hot tea and lemon to clear up their nasal membranes and expel any toxins. This is a very easy remedy which you can make at home.
  • Plan your runs accordingly. This will be extremely helpful in avoiding drastic temperature changes. Also, if you know your allergens, it may be easy to avoid paths which are full of them e.g. dirt trails, some plants and trees among other allergens.


Just to conclude, this article has really been helpful to me in dealing with my sneezing fits. Now I can run comfortably without having to worry about negative consequence. Now you know some of the causes of sneezing, e.g allergens, weather and many more and you also have ways of preventing and dealing with this issues.


I hope this article guides you adequately in fighting that sneezing battle. Feel free to drop a comment or add more information. If you have any questions kindly ask.

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