Throbbing Pain In Foot; Symptoms, Diagnosis And Treatment

Throbbing pain in foot can affect any part of your foot. Your foot is basically from the toes to the heel. There are a number of sensitive tissues, muscles and tendons situated in your feet. If any of these are bruised or injured, it may lead to a throbbing pain in foot.

This usually occurs during running or walking. Whenever you undertake these activities, you might experience throbbing pain in foot, especially the areas around arch of you foot up to the metatarsal bones where your toes are situated. The pain usually gets worse the more you do any physical activity involving your feet.


With time the throbbing pain in foot may become so severe rendering walking next to impossible. This may force you to limp around and even that is extremely painful. Personally, I have experienced this issue first hand. It is a nasty experience. Some of the triggers associated with this pain are, walking, standing for a long period, clenching and unclenching of the toes among others. 

As an exercise enthusiast and runner, there is not much you can do if you are experiencing such high intensities of pain. I love working out and exercising. Most of the activities I do actually require footwork, but with throbbing pain in foot, it is next to impossible to get any exercise done.

What causes throbbing pain in foot?

This is a question I asked myself when I started having this type of pain in my feet. I had to go dig deep and consult a specialist to get some answers. There are a number of conditions associated with throbbing pain in foot. This pain presents itself inform of a throb, an ache or a sharp sensation in your foot.

Stress fracture

This usually presents itself inform of pain at the top of the foot. Fractures are actually the most common cause of throbbing pain in foot. This happens when there is a fracture, usually a tiny one on one of the metatarsals. These are the bones which connect the toes and the ankles.

Stress fractures are a result of the overuse, mostly due to sudden increased physical activities. They may also result from doing exercises the wrong way resulting to injuries and fracture of the bones situated in your feet. This is accompanied by sharp pain and inflammation. The swelling is quite visible and the hurt area is very tender. This pain starts out slow and progresses into something so painful with time.

Ankle sprain

Most of the sharp pain on the outside of foot, without over thinking is just from ankle sprains. Most people like thinking it something much more complicated when in real sense it is just an ankle sprain. Ankle sprains are caused due to injury of the ligament of the foot when we twist or roil the foot, causing an inversion injury.

This twisting of the foot leads to swelling and tenderness in the ligaments, causing throbbing pain in foot, which is quite a lot.


Tendonitis may be in form of Achilles tendonitis or Peroneal tendonitis. This is the inflammation of the Achilles or peroneal tendons. Other tendons apart from these two may be affected as well.

Tendonitis is caused by a number of things, including shoes which fit too tightly. This is often characterized by pain at the top of the foot or pain near the heel. The pain is mostly magnified when running on uneven surfaces.

The pain becomes more pronounced after a prolonged period of exercise while resting. Trying any form of physical exercise during this period is extremely painful.

Ball of foot pain

This is caused by injury of the metatarsal bones. The maybe inflamed or injured causing sharp and aching pain at the ball of your foot, causing ball of foot pain. The ball of the foot is the part of your sole that is just at the back of your toes.

You may experience a lot of pain that becomes worse when you do any physical activity. Sometimes it is presented in form of numbness or tingling sensation.

Heel spurs

A heel spur is a piercing bony outgrowth of the bone of the heel, caused by a calcium deposit. Some of the common symptoms associated with heel spur are; there is a throbbing pain on your heel that is so severe.

What are some of the common causes of heel spur? It has been proved wearing inappropriate shoes during running and working out can actually result into this form of injury. Shoes that are too tight fitting and have no breathing space can also lead to heel spur.

Treatment of throbbing pain in foot

Exercises and stretches

There are a number of stretches that can be done for Achilles tendons, Peroneal tendons and plantar fascia. They involve stretching the muscles and the tendons to ease out the pain and reduce the swelling.

There are a number of stretching exercises but the most common ones are dynamic stretching and static stretching. These types of stretches are done before or after exercises to ease the pain caused by such injuries mentioned above.

Icing the affected area

Icing is a great way of numbing the pain and reducing the inflammation of the affected area. It reduces the throbbing pain making it bearable for you. You can use a pack of peas or a bag of ice as long as you get the place iced.

It is important to wear the right kind of shoes

Shoes are a way of preventing injuries. wearing the wrong shoes during exercising can get you unnecessary injuries like tendonitis or metatarsalgia. Choose shoes which fit you and provide a soft landing.

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Take plenty of rest

When you have incurred a foot injury which causes throbbing pain in foot, getting off your feet and taking a rest is the first step towards healing. It subtracts unnecessary pressure from the feet. You should not press too much weight on your foot if you have such pain on your foot. Only do light activities and tone down in the exercises.

Use of orthotic inserts

The doctor may recommend for you orthotic inserts or shoe inserts. These help in cushioning your feet and providing some extra alignment.


At times, a specialist may recommend some form of medication for your foot. Take the pain medication to ease the pain. depending on the level of severity, surgery may be recommended as a last resort.

In conclusion

Throbbing pain in foot may be caused by stress fracture, a sprain in the ankle, Achilles or peroneal tendonitis, ball of foot pain. Metatarsalgia or heel spurs. There are a number of ways to deal with these types of injuries. stretches, exercises, medication and wearing the correct type of shoes are essential in having healthy feet.

I hope this article has been helpful to you. Whenever you have throbbing pain in foot do panic. Look at the symptoms closely and consult a specialist if it is something out of your range. If you have any additional information concerning the topic, feel free to add in the comments section. Comments and questions are encouraged. Thank you for reading this article!

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