How Can a Treadmill Walking Workout Help You Get Fit?

Try the Best Treadmill Walking Workout Weekly Routine and See for Yourself

Treadmill  is a great fitness machine that allows you to have running or walking workouts in the comfort of your home. This means that you can exercise in any weather without feeling restricted in any way.


The only thing you have to consider is the lack of wind resistance when exercising on a treadmill in comparison to when running at the same pace outside. Namely, the energy you spend when running on a treadmill at 0% incline will not be the same as the effort needed to run at the same speed out on a level road. For this reason, you need to consult the treadmill speed conversion chart that shows the fairly accurate equivalent values for running or walking on a treadmill and doing the same activity outside.

Once you get acquainted with the treadmill conversion and the treadmill pace chart, the only thing left to do is to design a treadmill workout that will fit your personal fitness level and expectations. Despite the general opinion that one needs to run at high speed to achieve some fitness goal or lose weight on a treadmill, the truth is quite different. You can use the right walking form as well and experiment with changing speed, incline, and intervals to challenge your body and get the same results.

Walking or Running? A Perfect Treadmill Workout Can Be Both

I will not lie to you and tell you that walking is necessarily better than running because it simply would not be true. Running is the most beneficial cardio training and will get you to your goals much quicker. You will lose weight better if you run too. However, walking can take you there as well and is a good alternative to running when, for whatever reason, running is not an option.

Maybe you do not like running, or you are not allowed to run for health reasons so it is good to know that walking can develop your endurance and be as powerful as running. Furthermore, you will not get tired as quickly which makes a treadmill walking workout an excellent choice for beginners and all those in poor physical condition.

There have been numerous studies that proved a treadmill walking training can be as effective as a running one if it is planned well. It will help keep you healthy, stay fit and lean, and better your mood. It pays off to invest in the best proform treadmill (for example), which offers many possibilities to alter your workout as that will help get results faster as well.

So, when do I recommend treadmill walking workouts? In cases when:

  • A person does not like running ( without personal motivation and desire there will be no positive results!)
  • The goal is to train the body moderately
  • A person is a beginner at running and needs to prepare his/her body first.
  • The goal is to shape the legs, thighs, and buttocks.
  • A person is overweight, and running is too hard to handle.
  • A person has health-related problems that prevent him/her from running.
  • A person is elderly and wants to live a healthy lifestyle without adding any risks or too much strain to his/her cardiovascular system and heart.

In short, losing weight and developing  your endurance is possible even without huffing and puffing. When doing the treadmill walking workouts, you are active but in a much less exhorting way. For all those lacking motivation or concentration, a treadmill walking workout can thus be a great alternative as it will allow for listening to an audiobook, watching TV or some similar activity that will get you through the workout easier.

Are you intrigued by now? Do you want to find out more about the best treadmill walking workouts? Read on; the next section is going to provide exactly that information for you!

How Can a Treadmill Walking Workout Help You Get Fit? My Tips

We have come to the most important section of this article - answering the question how can a treadmill walking workout help you get fit. Of course, it will not be enough to simply turn on a treadmill, set it to a walking speed and start walking - the walking treadmill workout will need to be well planned and balanced as to achieve any meaningful results.

First of all, you need to avoid some customary treadmill walking mistakes and try to walk the same way as you do when you are outside. A good walking posture is a very important factor in getting the results you want.

The most common mistake people make is holding on to the handrails of the treadmill. If you want to burn more calories, your hands should be off the rails. If you train yourself to avoid this mistake, you will see that your balance is better when you are not holding on, and therefore there is no need to do that at all.

Getting well acquainted with all the features your treadmill offers is equally important. Knowing the treadmill speed chart and incline possibilities will help you vary the speed and incline, raise the intensity of your workouts and bring you closer to your fitness goals.

It is also important to control the heart-rate throughout your workouts to make sure you stay in the workout intensity zone that suits your personal needs and possibilities.

The Best Walking Treadmill Workout

I have tried to come up with the best weekly workout plan for all of you who want to rely on the treadmill walking workouts to lose weight and get fit. This programme is designed to support a weight loss plan, so, for the best results, you will still need to control your calorie intake as well.

As you will see, each day in this weekly workout plan is different as to challenge you in different ways and ease you into becoming fit and losing extra weight.


Each day starts with a warm-up routine. This means that you need to start at a low speed and incline for minimum two minutes. This is a great time to practice the correct walking posture I have mentioned before!

Once you warm up, change the speed and increase the incline percentage in small intervals until you feel that your heart rate has sped up. Keep your eyes on the treadmill speed calculator and remember the speed you have reached.

You should stay in this moderate-intensity zone for about half an hour. Every week or two increase incline and speed by another percent as to keep challenging your body.

End this daily routine (and every other) by reducing the speed to an easy pace. This cool-down time should last around three minutes, and it will allow for your pulse to come back to normal rate as well as your breathing.


Once again repeat the warm-up routine and then proceed to set a high incline percentage (as much as you can handle). Keep walking this way for up to five minutes. Next, reduce the incline and take about two minutes to recover. Keep up this routine (alternate high and low incline at a fixed speed) for half an hour to mimic going up and down the hill.

Do not skip the recovery intervals! End this treadmill walking workout with a cool-down routine as well.


Do not forget to warm-up as instructed! For this treadmill walking workout, you need to keep the incline at the set value- around 10-15% and alter the speed in accordance with your possibilities. I suggest that you alternate between 2 mph and 4 mph for a minute or two.

The highest walking speed should be that which makes you breathe so hard that you can speak only one-word phrases. The low-speed intervals serve to bring back your breathing to normal and allow you to recover before you increase the speed again. Keep this up for half an hour.

End the workout with a cool-down routine.


After the warm-up, it is time to try a high-intensity workout! In the hope that you will be up for a challenge, I have designed this treadmill walking workout to be quite intense. The speed should be set to 6 mph and the incline at 15% ; try to keep up with this intensity level for around thirty seconds.  To recover, reduce the speed to 3 mph and set the incline level to flat (0%). The recovery intervals should last up to two minutes.

Alternate between high intensity and recovery intervals for about half an hour and then cool down to end the workout.


It is time to turn things around- literally! Alternate between normal and backward walking not only to make your treadmill walking workouts more interesting but to better your balance and coordination as well. Keep the speed low and take your time to get used to walking backward (you can hold to the handrails at this point!).

If you doubt that walking backward will be beneficial for your muscles- think again! Afterall, do this workout and see for yourself how your thighs will react to it.


It is time to introduce some dumbbells to your treadmill walking workouts so that you can work on the upper body a bit too. While warming up, simply hold the dumbbells and get used to their weight. Then leave them aside next to the treadmill and walk at the moderate pace for around five minutes.

Slow down and then stop or pause the treadmill, get off of it and take the dumbbells. Do three sessions of ten lateral raises. Get back on the treadmill for another two minutes of high intensity walking.

Get off again and do some other dumbbell exercise such as hammer curl, overhead press, triceps extension, or biceps curl. Alternate the walking and upper body exercises for half an hour and finish the workout with a cool-down routine.


Finally, you have come to the end of the week, but before you congratulate yourself, you have one more treadmill walking workout to do. Once again I have spiced up the things a bit as I believe that you have mastered your balance by now.

My suggestion is to add some skipping and hopping to the treadmill workout. Set the speed to low and make sure that you have connected your safety stop cord well. Start skipping and hopping for about half a minute, then increase the speed and walk for five minutes. Alternate skipping and hopping with walking for half an hour.

Next week, you can increase the speed and time of the skipping and hopping intervals. Make sure that you do not endanger yourself though!

Cool down and congratulate yourself- you have made it through the week! Do tell me how you feel after this weekly treadmill walking workout routine!

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