Work With Us

Work With Us

Promote your brand to thousands of Runners and Running lovers with our help.

SavitarsFoot is a Health Care and Running blog focused on providing useful Running techniques, Exercises, and promotions for people who have the passion for Running and Health Care. We present the best tips, exercises, and Running (and Walking) gadgets only when we've vetted them.

We currently focus on building our content and engage with our readers mostly by email and blog. We'll soon open social media channels to communicate with our fans.

What Can We Do For You


SavitarsFoot has built a readership base on Running techniques, Exercises, and promotions, reaching over 10,000 readers each month.


Our readers usually perform better in workouts, help them to exercise more effectively after reading tips, guidance, advice on our blogs

How To Partner

Aforementioned, at this moment, we concentrate on create informative content.

(We will soon open more opportunities for partnership in the future.)

To ensure the quality of articles on our blog, we only accept sponsored content written by us.

You don't have to provide us ideas for sponsored posts or full articles written by you. It'll save you a ton of time.

We'll write a new article base on our plan and mention your brand in the body of it by pointing a link back to your URL (only if the URL makes sense and relevant to the sponsored article).

The price for being mentioned from a new sponsored post is $40 (non-negotiable).

Step-By-Step on how to contact us for sponsored content partnership:

  1. Send an email to with subject line: SavitarsFoot Sponsored Content - [Your First Name and Last Name].
  2. Example: SavitarsFoot Sponsored Content – Bella Williams.
  3. *We receive tons of emails per day, so every email with different subject line will be considered as SPAM and go to our Trash without a thought.
  4. In the body, tell us:
  • The purpose you want to become partner with us via sponsored content.
  • Your website, and a list of URLs you want to be pointed back from the sponsored post.
  • *Please notice that we will pick only one URL from your list which is the most suitable for the post.
  • *We only accept URLs of informative content on your site! Please don't include commercial or promotional content.

            5. We will contact you if all the requirements above are passed.

            6. Then we will discuss in detail:

  • The article we would write and its publication date.
  • How we can mention your URL in it.
  • How to make payment (you have to send the payment first, then we will handle the rest)

            7. Wait and we will send you a report when the article's published.

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